Welcome to Ekko Kids!
We hope that you and your family feel welcomed and safe here. We pray that you will enter into a faithful partnership with us to help nurture your children in a godly and righteous way. We believe our role as the church is to come alongside your family and help you take the next steps towards God in your children's journey.
Ekko is led by a team of volunteers. We believe our act of worship to God is serving the little ones with excellence, passion, and thoughtful preparation. We desire to give God the best we can. Hence, we strive to be faithful to who God sets before us.

We hope to see you soon!
Caroline Kim
Director of Ekko Kids
Ekko Kid's Mission
Most children have a weak faith foundation that inhibits them from loving God, others, and themselves. That's why we formed Ekko Kids, where children can belong and become who God intended them to be.
ekko kids
First timers?
Service time is at 4pm. Please plan to come 15 minutes before the service to fill out a newcomer form or if you prefer, you can fill it out beforehand. If we need to get a hold of your during service, we will send a text message.
Please make sure we have your current phone number and have your phone on vibrate. Our staff or volunteers will assign your kids to their appropriate classrooms and will offer you a tour of our children's area.
cry room
Cry Room
Infant Nursing
This room is available for parents who need to step out and address the needs of your baby. The room is designed to allow you to be a part of the service with audio and visuals through the use of the windows.
ekko buttons
Ekko Buttons
15 - 36 Months
A place where little ones begin learning the foundational principles of God while feeling welcomed, loved, and safe. We use a music-based curriculum that incorporates art and play. We are dedicated to cultivating an environment that is safe, sanitary, and fun for kids.
3 Years Old
A place where children begin to learn about stories and characters in the bible through hands-on activities, storytelling, and interactive experiences. We help build a foundation for a life of loving Jesus through lively songs, creative art as a response, and interactive play.
Pre-k and K
Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten
4 - 6 Years Old
A place where children continue to build biblical foundations and learn about the stories, characters, and values in the bible. We actively engage children with scripture through varying learning styles, storytelling, and interactive activities.
Grades 1 - 6
A place for children to continue their spiritual growth and dive deeper into biblical principles and stories. We aim to develop fun and innovative ways for children to learn about God's word and create space for kids to personally experience God.