Jesus ate all the time.
In eating and sharing a meal with people–who were often shamed and ignored by the religious elite–he was embracing them and extending God’s friendship.
You eat with those you love, those you want to do life with, and those you accept. As Jesus ate, he must have taught, laughed, cried, and shared not just bread, but his life with them.
During these meals, they must have experienced God's acceptance–so it is with Ekklesia. It is Ekko setting a table, eating together, and embracing each other's lives in love. It is time to learn from His Spirit through the Word, and times of not only sharing a meal, but sharing our lives and extending God's acceptance to one another.
let's eat.
We'd love to journey with you.
If you are interested in signing up for Ekklesia, please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly regarding your Ekklesia assignment. We encourage that you sign up for Ekklesia once you seriously consider making Ekko your home. We want to cultivate a safe place for transformation to occur and ask that you join only when you feel ready to make that commitment as well. Thank you!
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