The art of discipleship
The question that we have to ask is not just "What do I believe" (orthodoxy) but also, "How then shall I live?" (orthopraxy). Jesus did not simply teach his disciples what to know, but lived out a life worth practicing.
As we seek to imitate him in both faith and practice, we become accustomed to the ways of God. And the ways of God become the way of life. And this way of life is the new Life.

It is in discipleship that we learn to embrace and practice this new life.

This new life is best sustained by continual obedience to God's Word and constant submission to the Holy Spirit.

Orthopraxis is Ekko's introduction to a lifelong discipleship with Jesus.

(Orthopraxis is a prerequisite for Membership, Leadership, and serving in any departments at Ekko.)
let's live.